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Hydrofoil Wing Screws

Hydrofoil Wingscrews M6 25mm for Armstrong Dark Grey

Hydrofoil Wingscrews M6 25mm for Armstrong Dark Grey

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Most hydrofoils currently use either M6 or M8 screws to attach the mast to the board, these are 6mm and 8mm in diameter respectively.  Then, there are two types of screws in each of these sizes...flat head (countersunk) or button head.  To measure the length of a flat head screw, measure the complete length, including the head.  For a button head screw, measure the length from under the head only.  It is recommended that you measure the screws you are currently using prior to ordering.  If your mast has a sloped base (Unifoil Katana, Cabrinha, Takuma M8 carbon, new Takuma aluminum, Cloud 9, etc.), you may need the tapered style wingscrews.  There really are no "standard" length screws because there are so many variations in equipment.  Our wingscrews are designated as the size of screw they are designed to replace.  The picture shown on the product page is the actual item listed.  If you are unsure about what to order, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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