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Kaohi Leash - 6ft GRIP Double Coil 8 mm BLUE/BLACK/GREEN

Kaohi Leash - 6ft GRIP Double Coil 8 mm BLUE/BLACK/GREEN

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Kāohi Double Coil 6ft 8mm Grip Leash. Kaohi is the heavy-duty Foil Leash that will perform as you are charging in more challenging or larger wave conditions. Whether you are riding a Prone Foil, Wing Foil, Sup Foil or are Downwinding, the 8 mm double coil is designed for a great foiling experience, as if you aren’t even wearing a leash (which wouldn’t be safe!) Choose either an Ankle or Calf Cuff in 6 foot length. Note, standard calf cuff width 1.5"unless specified.

This leash features the Kāohi’s patented “Grip”, which serves as a rail-saver handle that enables you to keep your board close to you in-between sets and in whitewater, and helps you to avoid others in the water and safely return to the line-up. Do not hold on to the Grip handle in the impact zone of any wave, as described in our product Notices; let your Kāohi Grip Leash™ do its job!

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